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Welcome to Good Vibes! We are a local Life is good® genuine neighborhood shoppe located in downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire. Our mission is simple: To spread the power of optimism throughout the local community.

Good Vibes Staff

Good Vibes Staff

The picture that you see to the left is the staff of Good Vibes. We are a small and intimate family who likes to play hard and work hard at the same time. What you see is one of our many staff meetings (yes…we actually do work) in which we brainstorm creative ways to spread the power of optimism and have you experience Life is good® right here in Portsmouth, NH.

One of the things I had on my mind was how do you actually spread the power of optimism? I mean, do you talk about the positive aspects of life? Do you set up your environment to reflect your positive nature? Yes…those do contribute for living and spreading an optimistic life.

However, from my own experience, there is one other key aspect for spreading the power of optimism: Embodying optimism.

Bert and John, the founders of Life is good® successfully did this and that is why Life is good® is nationwide. They didn’t have it easy, however. It took them over five years, living out of their van, and many peanut butters and jellies before individuals and communities believed in and realized the power of Life is good.® And if Bert and John were not embodiments of the Life is good® message, it would have never amounted to what it is today.

So, how did Bert and John successfully embody the power of optimism? They did it in two ways: 1) they kept looking at the positive side of life, and 2) they kept going and didn’t give up.

  • Looking at the positive side of life requires you to shift your attention. Instead of complaining, blaming, and seeing what’s wrong with the world, shift your focus to what is already good in your life. There is a positive situation in every aspect of life. You have to look for it. Even in your deepest and darkest hour there is something positive there. It may be simple and bare bones as being alive, breathing, the ability to eat, and being able to experience the world.

    Gratitude is what it comes down to. The more grateful you are for what is in life, the more your life and abundance will expand. Remember that.

  • The other aspect for embodying an optimistic life is: To keep going no matter what. If your attention is on “what’s good in life”, while not denying the negativity, your external life situations must and will reflect optimism and abundance.

    There’s an ancient text that says, “As above, so below.” What this means is that when your internal world is that of optimism, your external life – relationships, health, money, etc – will reflect that optimistic nature. How long will it take? Nobody knows. For Bert and John it took over five years. For you, only time will tell. Keep going. It will happen.

Living an optimistic life and spreading optimism requires you to do two things: First, shift your attention to “what is good” in life and leave your attention there, no matter what! Secondly, you must keep going no matter how hard or how many challenges you experience. Your challenges are a test of worthiness for receiving optimism and abundance.

Life is good.®


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