Earth Day – Life is good style

Earth Day Life is good

Earth day is right around the corner. This year it falls on Sunday, April 22nd 2012. With the planet’s population rapidly increasing (we are at 7 billion, now) and its capacity to hold the population decreasing, becoming more resourceful and energy conscious is of great need. Participating in Earth Day, if for only a few hours, will help make the planet more resourceful and energy conscious. Every year, I go without power for about four hours. This means I go to the breaker box in the basement and flip the main power source to “off.”

Now, it is nice to be energy conscious for one day. And it does make an impact on saving the earth’s resources. However, if you want to do earth day Life is good® style, then you want to make earth day every day. Why? Because you are part of this planet and your own carbon footprint effects the quality of life now and the many many years that lie ahead. So, let’s make a big difference this earth day and think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and in the process create a sustainable and conscious planet. Remember Gandhi’s words of wisdom: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

How to make every day Earth Day?

There are many things that you can do to become more energy conscious. I want to focus on a few key strategies that can easily be turned into habits, so you participate in earth day throughout the year.

Shop Local

There are a lot of resources right in front of you, within your local community. Most “mom and pop” local shops typically have handcrafted, local products. In Portsmouth, one of my favorite bakeries is the Beach Pea. Not only are their foods phenomenal, they make everything from scratch and consciously consider the impact they are having on the environment – organic foods and the process of how the foods get to them. They have a simple composting system that reduces waste and preserves the environment. I love businesses that care for the well-being of human beings and our planet.

Eat Consciously

Eat Consciously Life is good

Do you know where your foods come from? Do you understand how they are processed? The typical American Diet is an inhumane lifestyle. Government subside farms; food corporations raise and slaughter animals in the most inhumane ways; the greater portion of processed foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

For example, most of the eggs you buy in a supermarket are raised in distasteful and stressed environments. The chickens are packed tight into an over populated cage, their legs break, and are forced and stressed to produce eggs. When you buy chickens or eggs raised in that environment, you are 1) funding the corporation and 2) putting stressed energy into your body.

What you can do look for these four nuggets of information that must be displayed on all food packaging:

  • Cage free
  • Grass fed
  • Organic
  • Non GMOs

All four do not have to be a match, but if one or more of those pointers are on the packaging, you know the food was raised and processed in a conscious manner. If organic, grass fed, organic, and Non GMO are not on the packaging, then it is probable that the foods were raised and processed inhumanely.

Make eating consciously easy for yourself and shop locally or go to whole foods. Every whole foods that I’m aware of sells organic foods and participates in the Non GMO project.

Enjoy the Present

Enjoy the present

Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population, but consume 24% of the world’s energy. The average American produces 52 tons of garbage in their lifetime; Fifty percent of the wetlands, 90% of the northwestern old-growth forests, and 99% of the tall-grass prairie have been destroyed in the last 200 years; Americans throw out 200,000 tons of edible food daily. The culprit: the more is better attitude.

Most human beings think that a better quality life is in proportion to how much they have. This is an illusion and destroying our planet. We think we need big houses, cars, and a lot of possessions to be happy and peaceful – this is what our culture conditions you to believe. However, when you get that new possession or have more food in the refrigerator that can feed a battalion, are you ever fulfilled and happy? Or, do you eventually need more and have to seek the next biggest and better thing? It never ends, does it?

Appreciate what you already have. Rather than being a consumer, be a steward for the gifts and resources available to you. You do not need as much as you think you do. When you become grateful for what already is in your life, you will always have an abundant supply of resources WITHOUT adding dysfunction to the world. A simple attention shift to the appreciation of what you already have is all that is required.

Enjoy the stride

Enjoy the stride Life is good

In today’s fast paced society, getting somewhere faster and timely is important. However, you do not need to consume as much oil as you think you do. There are a number of practices that you can implement, even if on an occasionally basis. You can: car pool, take the bus, walk, ride a bike, move closer to where you invest the most time, and so on.

A few days a week, I ride my bike into work. It is a few miles and 15 minutes longer than the drive in. I get the well needed exercise and I’m also reducing the energy impact on the planet at the same time. I love two for one deals: a fit body and more a resourceful planet for riding a bike a few times per week.

While these are great strategies for reducing your impact and becoming more resourceful, I understand that each individual has a particular time, position, and resources available to them that may not fit the profile of this article. If you can ask and live by this one question every day, you will find opportunities to become more conscious and resourceful based on where you are in life. Here’s the question: “How can I live consciously and purposeful right now?”

Life is good®.

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