Start the New Year with a Good Move

40% Discount on select Good Move

This is your year. You’ve vowed to become a health nut. Whether you going to the gym everyday, walking during your lunch breaks, or taking yoga classes, you’re gonna need the fitness gear and inspirational message to get you through those challenging times.

Plus, why shouldn’t you look dang good when you’re working out? You go girl!

Here at Good Vibes Life is good, we want you to achieve your health and fitness goals this year. Therefore, we’re offering a 40% discount on select Good Move gear – from workout tees (short sleeve and tanks) to yoga pants. When you come into the store, you’ll see what I mean. The sale rack is in the Women’s section, back of store.

This offer expires February 5th, 2013. Valid only at Good Vibes Life is good® in downtown Portsmouth, NH. It’s time to get pumped. Keep up the good work. You’ll see the results you’re looking for soon.

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