Think With Your Heart This Mothers Day

You want to do something super cool for your Mom on Mothers day, right? I mean, you and I both know she deserves it because without her and a miracle, you wouldn’t be here today. There are also plenty of other reasons to why your Mom deserves to be honored. So…let’s be the excellent Sons and Daughters that we can be and go above and beyond the norm for Mothers Day this year.

The most important thing you can do for your Mother, above anything else, are not gifts, flowers, and breakfast in bed. Those are nice and worth consideration, but secondary to what your Mother really wants. What your Mother wants is the essence of you? Huh? Essence, what is that? It is the gift you give from your heart. The gift of your essence are those inspired ideas that come to you on a whim. They are the heart-centered gifts that bring tears to your Mother’s eyes because it was thoughtful, simple, and deliberately from your heart.

Sure, your heart inspired ideas could manifest as material gifts such as breakfast in bed, a card, and Life is good clothing (had to put that one in there). Or, your heart centered gift could be a hug and kiss, a surprise visit/phone call, or something you created with your bare hands. Do not worry so much what the gift will be, rather, ask silently to yourself, “How can I give my Mother a piece of my heart?” Ask and you shall receive, now let the answer come to you and take immediate action when it does. Anything that comes from the heart is a sure winner. Believe in your heart first, then do the Mothers Day shopping if necessary.

You used to give from your heart and essence all the time. When you were a little kid, that’s all you knew how to do: The crayon drawing of you and your Mom, the peanut butter and jelly you made for her as breakfast in bed, or the song you sang and created. However, somewhere along the line we forgot how to be kids. The world told us to grow up and be serious. We have lost touch with our inner child. I recommend putting aside the “adult” for a moment and think like the child you used to be. Go make a peanut butter and jelly, don’t eat your carrots, and go play in the woods. If you do that, I know for sure that your heart centered gift will come to you. But make sure you go back to eating carrots tomorrow. :)

Life is good® for Mothers Day

Life is good® is an incredible message. I’m honored to be part of the optimistic message, for I have seen first hand lives transformed. I give my Mother Life is good® clothing often. She says it reminds her to look at the good in life rather than the increasing negativity in our economies. A simple shift in attention has created more abundance and well-being in her life.

Maybe the Life is good® message is one of your heart centered ideas for Mothers Day. If so, that is awesome and I know that we can help. Below is what we have in the store that is part of the Mothers Day line. If you find something that pikes your interest, stop in at Good Vibes Life is good® in Portsmouth, NH.

Mothers day relax

Jackie Bubble Bath. This shirt is dedicated to the Mother who like to kick it back and relax.

Mothers day feed the earth

Help It Grow. For the Mother who loves to feed the earth and enjoy the beauty that comes from it.

Mothers day flower

Daisy Jar. Loves to keep it simple and appreciates beauty.

Hearts on bag and mug

Hearts. For the Mother who loves heart galore!

Ms Fix it

Ms. Fix it. For the do-it-yourself Mother and likes to get her hands dirty.

Remember, it is not so much in what you get your Mom for Mothers day, but whether it comes straight from your heart and essence. Go back to being a kid again and let the inspired ideas come to you. Be ready for the inspiration and when it does hit you, act boldly. There are never any bad ideas or gifts that come from the heart. Life is good.®

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