Remember Love This Valentine’s Day

Life is good Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Cupid will soon fly around shooting love arrows into random people. Romantic gaga moments will happen. And big tough guys will melt for his loved one. Valentine’s Day is one day a year to focus all efforts on giving and receiving love. Will you take advantage of that?

Most people see Valentines Day as an obligation, not an opportunity. They think it’s that one time a year that they must do something for their significant other. So, they go through the motions of buying flowers, giving chocolates, and going out to dinner. There’s nothing wrong with those activities. The problem is the part of going through the motions.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “going through the motions,” especially if you’ve been with your partner for years. We tend to do things for our partner because everyone else is doing them, or our culture has labeled it a holiday.

Obligation is not love. Obligation is obligation. Love is love. Do something for that special someone because you want to. Begin to notice whether your actions are out of obligation or are they from a place of love? Are you giving flowers because you’ll look like a bad partner if you don’t? Or, are giving flowers because she loves sunflowers and you want to give? There’s a big difference between love and obligation. But that difference is found within. It’s not so much what you do, but how you do what you do. Are you coming from a place of love, or obligation?

I do loving things for my Hunny on Valentines Day. Sometimes it’s flowers or buying her something. Other times I write her a song. Most times I dedicate my complete attention to her. One thing is for sure, I’m aware of whether I’m coming from obligation or love.

I use Valentine’s day as a reminder to remember love. I make the intention to stretch myself for that one day and give love to my Hunny and to other people I care about. How are you going to use Valentines Day as a remembrance of love?

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