Good Vibes Wish List

Good Vibes Wish List

It’s not easy getting what you want for Christmas. I know you’re grateful for all the gifts you receive, but wouldn’t it be nice to get the clothes you want? To have your exact size, favorite color, and favorite brand – *cough* Life is good – would make it much easier for you and your husband. No more fake smiles or empty words of, “Ya, I really really like it, dear. A little big, but I think it will shrink.”

How are the perfect gifts possible? Ahhh…I’m glad I asked what you are thinking :) Well, you can outright tell your hubby, “Darling, I want the women’s crusher long sleeve stick together tee. Size large. Color magenta,” but where’s the fun in that, knowing exactly what you’re going to get for Christmas?

I have a better idea. Why not create a Wish List? This way, you can drop subtle hints of what you want for Christmas. Trust me when I say this, you’ll be doing us men a HUGE favor. You’ll get what you want for Christmas, your hubby’s shopping experience is a breeze – maybe even fun, and the element of surprise is intact.

Here at Good Vibes Life is good®, we’ve created a wish list for you. It’s free and simple. You only need to do three things:

  1. Come in to the store and shop for your favorite Life is good® items. (Subtle hint: women’s crusher long sleeve stick together tee in Magenta ;))
  2. Fill out the wish list.
  3. Open your presents on Christmas day.

Simple as that. If you need some help filling out the wish list, picking a color that looks good on you, or an opinion on how well the t-shirt fits, let one of our friendly, optimistic staff members help you. Bring your coffee. Have some fun. Fill out a wish list to give gift ideas to friends and family.

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