Inspiring Stories and People

Living Large Spring 2012

Living Large Spring 2012

There are people all over the world and from all walks of life that have inspiring stories to tell. Some people overcome life challenges with the power of optimism. They create a new life for themselves and the world with their positive attitude and actions. Other people may not have a great deal of life challenges to share, but spread their wisdom and compassion through their optimistic nature.

Good Vibes thanks everyone for stopping in at the store and sharing their story with us. It is a nice reminder that we are all in this together and can truly create whatever life we desire in harmony. This page is dedicated to you. Spread the good vibes by sharing these stories with friends, family, and colleagues. Contribute your own inspiring story by following the guidelines and then email your story to Good Vibes to posted here, on the website.

Note: Guidelines are in the process of being created.

Rolling Green Nursery

A warm thank you to Rick and Beth from Rolling Green Nursery (a ‘must visit’) for a very informative workshop on gardening and composting tips, held here at Good Vibes. FYI to all Gardeners and gardener wanna-be: On May 5th, Rolling Green Nursery(RGN) will be hosting a workshop about Container Creations. For more information call […]

Flat Stanley and Jake

Flat Stanley is an inspiration and symbol of optimism to a first grade class. His words of optimism are: “It’s not the what that is important in life. It is the why and how you do what you do that really matters.”

Couple with Jake

This couple loves Life is good®. They couldn’t stop taking pictures of the store and optimistic sayings created by Jake. Jake got a hold of this couple and twisted their arms into taking a picture with him 😉 Life is good.