Rolling Green Nursery

Rolling Green Nursery Inspiration

A warm thank you to Rick and Beth from Rolling Green Nursery (a ‘must visit’) for a very informative workshop on gardening and composting tips, held here at Good Vibes. FYI to all Gardeners and gardener wanna-be: On May 5th, Rolling Green Nursery(RGN) will be hosting a workshop about Container Creations. For more information call RGN at (603)436-2732 or visit their website.

Make sure you come to the next Good Vibes Life is good workshop! Here are some of the things we learned from Rolling Green Nursery:

– Place banana peels under the dirt and around the base of a rose bush to improve the health of the plant
– A natural repellent to keep four-legged friends out of the garden is Dried Blood Pellets
– Fish bones and shells broken up in compost allows for good air circulation

Those are a few pro tips from Rolling Green Nursery. If you are interested in our events and workshops, please visit this link and subscribe to Good Vibes Life is good.

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